View configuration status of the endpoint protection service.

View the system-wide status of EPP policy.


  1. With admin privileges, log in to NSX Manager.
  2. Navigate to Home > Security > Security Overview.
  3. To view status of EPP on clusters, click the Security widget.
  4. In the Security Overview page, click Configuration.

    A summary of the configured Endpoint Protection services.
  5. In the Endpoint Protection section, view:
    1. VM Distribution by Service Profile widget displays:
      1. Number of VMs protected by top profile. Top profile represents a profile that protects the maximum number of VMs on a cluster.
      2. VMs protected by remaining service profiles categorized under Other Profiles.
      3. VMs not protected categorized under No Profile.

        The Endpoint Protection Rules page displays VMs protected by Endpoint Protection policies.
    2. Components having issues widget displays:
      1. Host: Issues related to the context multiplexer.
      2. SVM: Issues related to service VMs. For example, the SVM state is down, SVM connection with guest VM is down.

      The Status column on the Deployment page displays health issues.

    3. Configure VMs running File Introspection widget displays:
      1. VMs protected by File Introspection driver.
      2. VMs where the File Introspection driver status is unknown.

    ESXi Agency Manager (EAM) attempts to resolve a few issues related to hosts, SVMs, and configuration errors. See Resolve Partner Services Issues.