Using the API, you can configure NSX Manager to retrieve a certificate revocation list (CRL). You can then check the CRL by making an API call to NSX Manager instead of to the certificate authority.

This feature provides the following benefits:
  • It is more efficient to have the CRL cached on the server, that is, NSX Manager.
  • The client does not need to create any outbound connection to the certificate authority.
The following APIs related to certificate revocation lists are available:
GET /api/v1/trust-management
GET /api/v1/trust-management/crl-distribution-points
POST /api/v1/trust-management/crl-distribution-points
DELETE /api/v1/trust-management/crl-distribution-points/<crl-distribution-point-id>
GET /api/v1/trust-management/crl-distribution-points/<crl-distribution-point-id>
PUT /api/v1/trust-management/crl-distribution-points/<crl-distribution-point-id>
GET /api/v1/trust-management/crl-distribution-points/<crl-distribution-point-id>/status
POST /api/v1/trust-management/crl-distribution-points/pem-file

You can manage CRL distribution points and retrieve the CRLs stored in NSX Manager. For more information, see the NSX API Guide.