The following native-cloud services are supported for use with your public cloud workload VMs from within NSX Manager.

When you deploy PCG, a Group is created in NSX Manager for each supported native-cloud service.

The following Groups are created for the currently supported public cloud services:
  • aws-dynamo-db-service-endpoint
  • aws-elb-service-endpoint
  • aws-rds-service-endpoint
  • aws-s3-service-endpoint
  • azure-cosmos-db-service-endpoint
  • azure-load-balancer-service-endpoint
  • azure-sql-service-endpoint
  • azure-storage-service-endpoint

To use these native-cloud services, create DFW policies that contain the native-cloud service Group in the Source or Destination fields of the rule as required.

DFW rules are enforced on VMs not on the native-cloud services.

Note: In the NSX Enforced Mode, that is, managing your workloads with NSX Tools, currently there is no support for Microsoft Azure's native-cloud services.

Current Limitations

ENDPOINT DFW Rule with service as DESTINATION DFW Rule with service as SOURCE
Public Cloud Service Scope Enforced on VM? Enforced on Service? Enforced on Service? Enforced on VM?
Microsoft Azure BLOB Storage Global Yes No No Yes
Cosmos DB
Load Balancer
AWS S3 VPC Local Yes No No Yes
Dynamo DB