You can configure some settings that apply to all gateways.

The settings EVPN BFD Profile and Enable EVPN BFD are required by the EVPN feature to support layer-2 ECMP and BFD. For more information, see Ethernet VPN (EVPN). For information about adding or editing a BFD profile, see Add a BFD Profile.
You must ensure that:
  • Intermediate routers do not have MTU lower than the Edge TEP/RTEP MTU.
  • For a federated setup, verify that either the MTU of an intermediate router is greater than the Edge TEP/RTEP MTU or the intermediate router has ICMP errors (Fragmentation Needed) enabled so that the Edge can do PMTU discovery.


  1. With admin privileges, log in to NSX Manager.
  2. Select Networking > Global Networking Config.
  3. In the Global Networking Config tab, click Edit.
  4. (Optional) Update any of the following settings.
    Option Description
    Gateway Interface MTU The default is 1500.
    Layer-3 Forwarding Mode The options are IPv4 Only and IPv4 and IPv6. The default is IPv4 Only.
    EVPN BFD Profile The default is default-external-gw-bfd-profile.
    Enable EVPN BFD The default is On.
  5. Click Save.