The Analysis subject sections display detailed information about the file or files contained or accessed by the sample when the NSX Advanced Threat Prevention service processed it.

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For an executable file, the following data is displayed:

  • Name: The name of the executable, if available.

  • MD5: The MD5 hash of the file.

  • SHA1: The SHA1 hash of the file.

  • File type: The type of executable, for example, PE executable, application, 32-bit, Intel i386.

  • File size: The file size.

  • Command line: The full command line, including any arguments or options. For example, C:\Users\ExampleUser\AppData\Local\Temp\exe_malware.exe.

  • Execution context: The privilege level invoked by the executable.

  • Architecture: The architecture of the executable.

  • Analysis reason: Why the started processing the file.