1. Log in to NSX Edge CLI with the admin credentials.
  2. Get the service router information.
    get logical-routers
  3. Type the VRF for the tier-0 service router.
    vrf <vrf-no>
  4. Identify the BGP peers. See if SR has at least two equal cost BGP peers.
    get bgp neighbor summary
  5. Identify the BGP prefixes.

    The get bgp command will list all the prefixes in the BGP table.

    The get bgp neighbor <neighbor-IP> route will list prefix specific to the BGP peer.

    Note: Ensure that BGP prefixes, which are expected to have ECMP towards the BGP peers, are learned from each of the peers.
  6. Identify a specific route to confirm that it has two next hops.
    get route
  7. Identify the forwarding table on the Tier0 to confirm that each prefix learned with ECMP through BGP is installed with two next hops.
    get forwarding