To configure the L2 VPN client session, you must obtain the peer code that was generated when you configured the L2 VPN server session.



  1. With admin privileges, log in to NSX Manager.
  2. Navigate to the Networking > VPN > L2 VPN Sessions tab.
  3. In the table of L2 VPN sessions, expand the row for the L2 VPN server session you plan to use for the L2 VPN client session configuration.
  4. Click Download Config and click Yes on the Warning dialog box.
    A text file with the name L2VPNSession_<name-of-L2-VPN-server-session>_config.txt is downloaded. It contains the peer code for the remote side L2 VPN configuration.
    Caution: Be careful when storing and sharing the peer code because it contains a PSK value, which is considered sensitive information.
    For example, L2VPNSession_L2VPNServer_config.txt contains the following configuration.
        "transport_tunnel_path": "/infra/tier-0s/ServerT0_AS/locale-services/1-policyconnectivity-693/ipsec-vpn-services/IpsecService1/sessions/Routebase1",
  5. Copy the peer code, which you use to configure the L2 VPN client service and session.
    Using the preceding configuration file example, the following peer code is what you copy to use with the L2 VPN client configuration.

What to do next

Configure the L2 VPN Client service and session. See Add an L2 VPN Client Service and Add an L2 VPN Client Session.