Follow these instructions to add VMs to the User Managed list or remove them.


You must have one or more public cloud accounts added to CSM.


  1. Log in to CSM using an Enterprise Admin account and go to your public cloud account.
    1. If using AWS, go to Clouds > AWS > VPCs > Instances.
    2. If using Microsoft Azure, go to Clouds > Azure > VNets > Instances.
  2. If in Tiles mode, switch to Grid mode by clicking the mode selector in the right corner of the instances view.
  3. Select the VMs (instances) that you want to add to or remove from the User Managed list.
  4. Click Actions and select either Add to User Managed List or Remove from User Managed List.
  5. Go back to the Accounts tab, select the account tile and click Actions > Resync Account.


Each VM added to the User Managed list remains in the security group it was assigned before adding to the User Managed list. You can now apply any other security group to the VM as required. NSX Cloud ignores VMs in the User Managed list regardless of the status of Quarantine Policy.

If you remove a VM from the User Managed list in the Native Cloud Enforced Mode or remove an NSX-managed VM from the User Managed list in the NSX Enforced Mode, NSX Cloud starts assigning security groups to that VM depending on its state.