vSphere Lifecycle Manager failed to prepare an NSX cluster.


Transport node profile could not be applied to a vSphere Lifecycle Manager cluster, which caused the cluster to go into Failed state.


As vSphere Lifecycle Manager failed to set and apply NSX as a solution on the cluster, none of the hosts in the cluster were prepared as transport nodes. View the error state on the cluster in NSX Manager UI.


  1. On the NSX Manager, go to System > Fabric > Hosts > Clusters.
  2. Identify the failed cluster to view the error state. Click the error link to open a popup window.
  3. Click Resolve to initiate transport node profile realization on the cluster.
  4. Alternatively, run the API command, POST /api/v1/transport-node-collections/<tnc id>?action=retry_profile_realization. This command initiates vLCM to realize NSX on the cluster.