• Host is not reachable. Cannot complete login due to an incorrect username or password.
  • The Transport Node Apply Task fails with error Node already exists.
  • Host is in orphaned state.


This issue occurs due to a race condition under heavy traffic load. Run the API (deprecated) GET /api/v1/transport-nodes/<TN-UUID>/status or GET api/v1/infra/sites/<site-id>/enforcement-points/<enforcementpoint-id>/host-transport-nodes/<host-transport-node-id>/state | status, where default values for enforcementpoint-id and site-id is default to review the transport node shows transport nodes status unknown and node deployment status shows as Failed.

All these cases occur for host TN that did not get cleaned correctly upon initiation of NSX removal task therefore is still registered with NSX Manager.

In this case, the GET transport node api and GET transport node status api will fail but GET transport node state api works and will show failure message Failed to uninstall the software on host....


  • To fix the existence of stale entry, you must forcefully remove NSX from the host and also run the following api to delete stale host entries in the setup.
    1. (NSX Manager UI) On Hosts page, select the Force Delete option and click Remove NSX.
    2. (API) To forcefully delete NSX, run the API, https://{{MPIP}}/api/v1/transport-nodes/<Transport-Node-UUID>?force=true&unprepare_host=false.
    3. (API) To remove stale entries, run the API, https://{{nsx-mgr-ip}}/api/v1/transport-nodes?action=clean_stale_entries.