Appliance Proxy Hub (APH) acts as a communication channel between NSX Manager and a transport node. It runs as a service on NSX Manager and provides secure connection between a transport node and NSX Manager.

Before you set a virtual IP (VIP) address for the cluster nodes, ensure the APH running on each NSX Manager cluster nodes are connected to each other. If APH on all cluster nodes are not connected, you might face issues when configuring the VIP for the cluster.


  1. To verify APH on all the cluster nodes are connected, go to one of the NSX Manager nodes and run the GET /api/v1/messaging/cluster-connection/status call.
        "results": [
            "address": "ssl-tcp://",
            "conn_status": "Connected",
            "node_id": "e85ceb93-df30-43fa-84d7-32d88f68a2ba",
            "node_type": "APPLIANCE_PROXY_HUB"
            "address": "ssl://",
            "conn_status": "Connected",
            "node_id": "46cc9a95-6194-4d84-94bd-0744fb46e225",
            "node_type": "APPLIANCE_PROXY_HUB"
  2. Repeat Step 1 on the remaining cluster nodes.
  3. Wait for 60 seconds before you set the cluster VIP for the cluster.


When APH on all cluster nodes are connected to each other, you can proceed to configure VIP for the cluster.

What to do next

Set up the cluster VIP address.