NSX Edge bridge state is down.


NSX Edge bridge state has gone down.


Failure of VLAN uplink or failure of BFD tunnel between two NSX Edge nodes that are part of the bridge.


  1. SSH to NSX Edge as admin.
  2. Run get bridge summary CLI to view existing bridges
  3. Run cli get bridge name <name> or get bridge <uuid> or get bridge vlan <vlan-id> to view edge device state status.
  4. Run cli get bridge mac-sync-table to verify overlay segment mac is learned successfully.
  5. run cli get edge-cluster-status to verify edge status, admin-state, health-check for all upink interfaces is up with no issues.
  6. Verify NSX Edge bridge state is now active.

What to do next

If redundant bridges exist in environment with one active (down) and other standby, do the following:
  • Run following cli on standby to put bridge state from standby(blocked) to active: set bridge <uuid> state active OR
  • Run set bridge vlan <vlan-id> state active