For existing NSX Edge transport nodes with only an IPv4 address, you can configure an IPv6 address so the NSX Edge transport node becomes dual stack (both IPv4 and IPv6).

After configuring NSX Edge transport node with an IPv6 address, the communication between the transport node and NSX Manager automatically switches from IPv4 to IPv6 provided that the NSX Manager are configured as dual stack.

  • NSX Edge transport nodes do not support an IPv6 only configuration.
  • In NSX version 4.1, NSX Edge only supports static IPv6 address configuration. DHCPv6 and SLAACv6 are unsupported.
  • For communication between dual stack NSX Managers and dual stack hosts, IPv6 is prioritized.

The NSX Edge transport establishes a connection with the Appliance Proxy Hub (APH) through port 1234 and with the central control plane (CCP) through port 1235.


There are existing NSX Edge transport nodes configured as IPv4 only.


  1. Configure the IPv6 address for the NSX Edge transport node by one of the following methods:
    Method Procedure
    1. With admin privileges, log in to NSX Manager.
    2. In the NSX Manager UI, navigate to System > Fabric > Nodes > Edge Transport Nodes.
    3. Select the NSX Edge transport node that you want to configure an IPv6 address.
    4. Select Actions > Change Node Settings.
    5. In the Change Node Settings pop-window, enter the corresponding IPv6 addresses in the Management IP and Default Gateway fields.
    6. Click Save.
    1. Enter the API command PUT https://<nsx-manager>/api/v1/transport-nodes/<transport-node-id>.
    2. For the body parameter ipv6_assignment_type, enter the value of STATIC.
      Note: In NSX version 4.1, only the IPv6 assignment type of static is supported. The IPv6 assignment types DHCPv6 and SLAAC are not supported.
    3. Create new body parameters for ip_addresses and prefix_length and enter the corresponding values for the IPv6 address.


      "management_port_subnets": [
            "ip_addresses": [
            "prefix_length": 64
    4. For the body parameter default_gateway_addresses, enter a new value for the default gateway address of the IPv6 address.


      "default_gateway_addresses": [
    5. Send the API command.
      Note: It may take a few minutes for the IPv6 address to appear for the transport node.
    1. SSH into the NSX CLI.
    2. Run the CLI command set interface command:
      set interface <interface name> ip <IPv6 address> gateway <gateway IP address> plane mgmt
      The following is an example:
      set interface eth0 ip 245:124:6020:202::10/64 gateway 245:124:6020:202::253 plane mgmt
  2. (Optional) You can verify that the IPv6 address has been added for the NSX Edge transport node by navigating to System > Fabric > Nodes > Edge Transport Nodes and checking the Management IP column for the IPv6 address.

What to do next

After an NSX Edge transport node is configured with an IPv6 address, for any further IP address changes, see Change the IP Address for an IPv6 NSX Edge Transport Node.