Configure FQDN on NSX Manager in a dual stack mode.

When the Publish FQDN functionality is enabled in NSX Manager, transport nodes can access an NSX Manager using its DNS name instead of IP address. By default, transport nodes access NSX Manager based on their IP addresses. However, this can be based also on the DNS names of the NSX Manager. This gives ability to change IP addresses for disaster recovery.

Note: Enabling the FQDN publish functionality is not a requirement for single-site deployment. However, you must enable it for NSX Multisite deployments as this gives transport nodes ability to communicate with the NSX Manager during disaster recovery, when NSX Manager IP address changes. This is because the failover process requires a manual restore of the NSX Managers to the DR site where they will use a new IP address. If the NSX Managers are not registered to use FQDN then all the transport nodes will not know that the IP has changed and will fail to reconnect.


  • Add unique hostname records of IPv4 and IPv6 address to the respective DNS server.

    For example, (IPv4 address) Name:, Address:

    (IPv6) Name:, Address: 2620:124:6020:1045::b


  • To enable FQDN usage of NSX Managers by Transport Node, using the following NSX API.
    PUT https://<nsx-mgr>/api/v1/configs/management
    { "publish_fqdns": true,
    "_revision": 0
    Example response
    { "publish_fqdns": true,
    "_revision": 1

    When using this feature, configure both the forward and reverse lookup entries for the NSX Managers FQDN on the DNS servers and with a short TTL, for example, 600 seconds.

What to do next

After publishing FQDNs, you must verify that transport nodes are accessing the NSX Managers using their FQDN.
  • Log in to a transport node such as a hypervisor or NSX Edge node using SSH, and run the get controllers CLI command to verify that 'Controller FQDN' field is populated correctly with NSX Manager FQDN value.
    Controller IP    Port  SSL     Status       Is Physical Master   Session State    Controller FQDN  
        1235  enabled  connected      true                up