The agent service is Down.



  1. To view the host agent status in UI, go to Host > Transport Node > View Details > Monitor tab.
  2. To view the status of three host agent services (nsx-cfgagent, nsx-opsagent, nsx-nestdb) in CLI, run /etc/init.d/<service-name> status.
  3. To view the status of agents in API, call these APIs:
    (deprecated) GET api/v1/transport-nodes/<uuid>/status
    GET api/v1/infra/sites/<site-id>/enforcement-points/<enforcementpoint-id>/host-transport-nodes/<host-transport-node-id>/status
    The default value for enforcementpoint-id and site-id is default.
  4. Restart service that is down by running the following CLI command: /etc/init.d/<service-name> start.