NSX Edge node status is Down because the PNIC bond status is down.



This issue can occur if one or more Edge interfaces used by host-switch are down.


  1. Verify if uplinks used by fast path interfaces are not down on the physical server hosting the uplinks.
  2. If fast-path components are down, verify if dataplane service is running by running admin cli get service dataplane.
  3. Verify status of Edge VTEP Device via admin cli get host-switch to find out vtep device name.
  4. Run get physical-port <vtep device> .
    edge-1> get phy fp-eth0 
    Physical Port 
    ADMIN_STATUS : up <----------------- should be "up" 
    DRIVER : net_vmxnet3 
    DUPLEX : full 
    ID : 0 
    LINK : up <----------------- should be "up" 
  5. If VTEP device admin_status or link is down, fix this infrastructure issue.
  6. If dataplane service is stopped, start by running start | restart service dataplane.
  7. After resolving the issue, run admin cli get logical-routers on the edge transport node to make sure edge is functional again.