Transport Node has partial success status with error LogicalSwitch full-sync realization query skipped.


This issue can occur if uplink profile associated with host has teaming defined with no active uplinks or if host switch uplinks is down or if failure in creation of VTEP.

Run transport-node state API to view more info on failure details using one of the following API command:
  • (deprecated) GET api/v1/transport-nodes/<uuid>/state
  • GET api/v1/infra/sites/<site-id>/enforcement-points/<enforcementpoint-id>/host-transport-nodes/<host-transport-node-id>/state, where default values for enforcementpoint-id and site-id is default.


  1. Edit the uplink profile associated with the transport node and ensure active uplinks are selected for each teaming profile defined.
  2. Verify PNIC link status is up by running CLI on the host: esxcli network nic | esxcli network nic get -n <vmnic-name>.
  3. If uplink profile is active-active, verify correct number of VTEPS got created (rather than just one).

    Run net-vdl2 –l |more to verify VTEP count is correct, is assigned a valid IP Address, Gateway and state of each VTEP interface is UP.