The first step of the migration process is to import the NSX-V configuration.


  • The VMware vCenter must be added as a compute manager in NSX.

    You can share the VMware vCenter that is used in NSX-V or deploy another one in NSX.


  1. From a browser, log in to NSX Manager as admin.
  2. Navigate to System > Migrate.
  3. Expand the Advanced Migration Modes section, and in the Distributed Firewall pane, click Get Started.
  4. From the Import Configuration page, click Select NSX and provide the credentials for VMware vCenter and NSX-V.
    Note: The drop-down menu for VMware vCenter displays all VMware vCenter systems that are registered as compute managers. Click Add New if you need to add a compute manager.
  5. Click Start to import the configuration.
  6. When the import has finished, click Continue to proceed to the Resolve Configuration page.


When the NSX-V topology is imported successfully, the View Imported Topology link is enabled. Click this link to view a graph of the imported topology. However, the topology viewer does not display the graph of a large-scale NSX-V environment.