If your NSX-Venvironment uses a partner service for Guest Introspection, or both Guest Introspection and Network Introspection, delete the partner service deployment before migration.

You must also delete the Guest Introspection instance (GI-SVM) so that the Guest Introspection module is uninstalled from the clusters.

If your NSX-V environment uses a partner service only for Network Introspection, you have the flexibility to decide whether to delete the partner service deployment before or after the migration. When a partner service deployment is deleted, the partner service virtual machines (SVMs) are removed from the NSX-V-prepared host cluster, and security protection is lost.

Important: Consult the VMware partner before migrating their service that is running on the NSX-V workloads. Check with the partner whether their service is supported for migration to NSX and seek their inputs before the migration. Partners will have their own guidance to migrate their services to NSX.


  1. Log in to the vSphere Client and navigate to Networking and Security > Installation and Upgrade > Service Deployment.
  2. Select the deployed service and click Delete.