You can migrate an environment that uses a collapsed cluster.

In a collapsed cluster design, all management VMs, workload VMs, and optionally edges run on the same vSphere cluster that is prepared for NSX-V. The management VMs of the NSX must be initially attached to dvPortgroups. After migration, the management VMs of NSX will be attached to NSX VLAN segments.

The management VMs in the NSX include appliances such as NSX Manager, VMware vCenter, VMware Identity Manager, and so on. The NSX VLAN segment ports to which these management VMs connect are blocked in two cases: when these management VMs are rebooted after they were migrated in-place by the Migration Coordinator, or when they are moved from NSX-V hosts to NSX hosts by vMotion in maintenance migration mode. Therefore, the management VMs might lose connectivity in such cases.

To prevent this problem, create a "management_vms" tag category, and add tags in this category. Assign a tag from this category to all the management VMs in the NSX environment. These VMs will be attached to unblocked VLAN segment ports.


  1. Log in to the vSphere Client.
  2. Click Menu > Tags & Custom Attributes.
  3. Click Categories, and then click New to add a category.
    Create a category with name management_vms.
  4. Click the Tags tab and add a tag in the management_vms category.
  5. Navigate to Menu > Hosts and Clusters.
  6. Expand the collapsed cluster from the left Navigator view, right-click the name of the NSX Manager VM, and select Tags & Custom Attributes > Assign Tag.
  7. Assign a tag from the management_vms category to the NSX Manager VM.
  8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 for all the management VMs in the cluster.
    For a detailed information about tag categories and tags, see the vCenter Server and Host Management documentation.
  9. Log in to NSX Manager.
  10. Navigate to Inventory > Groups and create a group.
  11. Click Set to set members.
  12. Set Group Type to IP Addresses Only and include the IP addresses of the management VMs that will be migrating from the dvPortgroups to the NSX segments.
  13. Navigate to Security > Distributed Firewall > Actions > Exclusion List and add this group.