After you have migrated all Edge Services Gateway VMs and hosts to the NSXenvironment, confirm that the new environment is working correctly. If everything is functioning correctly, you can finish the migration.

Important: Verify that everything is working before clicking Finish. Then perform the post-migration tasks. Do not make any vSphere life cycle operations such as upgrading ESXi hosts, VDS, or VC before the post-migration tasks are completed.

You will see errors on hosts after the migration. The error message is: UserVars.RmqHostId' is invalid or exceeds the maximum number of characters permitted. The error occurs because this host is still part of the NSX-V inventory.


  • Verify that all expected items have been migrated to the NSX environment.
  • Verify that the NSX environment is working correctly.


  1. Navigate to the Migrate Hosts page of the migration coordinator.
  2. Click Finish
    A dialog box appears to confirm finishing the migration. If you finish the migration, all migration details are cleared. You can no longer review the settings of this migration. For example, which inputs were made on the Resolve Configuration page, or which hosts were excluded from the migration.