You can migrate one vSphere Distributed Switch at a time to NSX.

Overview of Migration Process

During the migration you will complete the following steps:
  • Prepare your NSX environment.
    • Configure a compute manager in the NSX environment.
    • Add the VMware vCenter system that manages the vSphere Distributed Switch (versions 6.5.0 and 6.6.0) you want to migrate.
    • Start the migration coordinator service.
  • Import configuration from vSphere.
    • Enter the details of your vSphere environment.
    • The configuration is retrieved and pre-checks are run.
  • Select the vSphere Distributed Switch that you want to migrate.
  • Resolve issues with the configuration.

    Provide answers to configuration questions that must be resolved before you can migrate your vSphere environment to NSX. Resolving issues can be done in multiple passes by multiple people.

  • Migrate configuration.
    • After all configuration issues are resolved, you can import the configuration to NSX. Configuration changes are made on NSX, but no changes are made to the vSphere environment yet.
  • Migrate Hosts.
    • NSX software is installed on the hosts. VM interfaces are disconnected from vSphere Distributed Switch port groups and connected to the new NSX segments.
      Caution: If you select In-Place migration mode, there is a traffic interruption during the Migrate Hosts step. However, if you select Maintenance migration mode, traffic interruption does not occur.
  • Finish Migration.
    • After you have verified that the migrated networking is working correctly, you can click Finish to clear the migration state. You can now migrate another vSphere Distributed Switch to NSX.