If you find blocking issues or other configuration issues that must be fixed in your NSX-V environment, fix those issues before you can proceed with the migration. After you make the configuration changes, you must import the configuration again.


Verify that Host or Edge migration has not started. See Roll Back the NSX-V with Aria Automation Migration for more information about restarting the migration.


  1. Make the required changes in the NSX-V environment.
  2. Navigate to the Import Configuration page and click Rollback.
    The Aria Automation deployment configuration input file and the migration log file are removed. If any inputs were submitted on the Resolve Configuration page, they are cleared.
  3. Upload the Aria Automation deployment configuration file again.
  4. Click Start to import the updated NSX-V configuration.


The migration starts with the new NSX-V configuration.

What to do next

Continue the migration process. See Resolve Configuration Issues.