The Check Realization step is a preventive or a safety step during which the migration coordinator checks for any unrealized NSX configurations. This step provides additional time that the migration coordinator might need to ensure that all unrealized configuration errors are resolved before you can proceed to Edge migration.


Verify that you have completed the Migrate Configuration step.


  1. On the Check Realization page, click Start.
  2. Review realization errors, if any, and resolve them.
    Sometimes, the configuration of some NSX objects might take longer to take effect. Wait for some seconds and click Start again.


  • If the Check Realization fails due to any unrealized configurations in NSX, a list of errors is shown in the migration coordinator UI. If the unrealized configuration errors are due to any NSX Policy objects, alarms are displayed on the Alarms page of the NSX Manager interface. Review the messages that are shown in the alarms and resolve them. After the alarms are resolved, run the Check Realization step again.
  • When the Check Realization step is successful, the migration coordinator creates an intermediate or a partial output mapping file.