Use the Edge bridge profile that you created earlier to configure bridge settings on the overlay segment. The Edge bridge helps you to extend the overlay segment with the Logical Switch in your NSX-V environment.

The NSX-V prepared host on which you have deployed the NSX Edge bridge node serves as the transport node. This host has workload VMs that require connectivity with the overlay segment in your NSX environment.


  • An Edge bridge profile is added. For example, Edge_Bridge_Profile1.
  • A segment is added in the overlay transport zone. For example, Segment-1 is added in the overlay transport zone Overlay-TZ.
  • A Logical Switch is available in the NSX-V environment to extend Layer 2 connectivity with this NSX overlay segment.

    For example, you are extending LogicalSwitch-1 with Segment-1.


  1. From your browser, log in with admin privileges to an NSX Manager at https://nsx-manager-ip-address.
  2. Select Networking > Segments.
  3. Click the vertical ellipses next to the overlay segment that you want to configure Layer 2 bridging on and select Edit.
    For example, edit the settings of Segment-1.
  4. Expand Additional Settings. Next to Edge Bridges, click Set.
  5. Click Add Edge Bridge.
  6. Select the Edge bridge profile that you created earlier.
    For example, select Edge_Bridge_Profile1.
  7. Select the VLAN transport zone.
    For example, select VLAN-TZ.
  8. Enter VLAN ID as 0.
    The untagged VLAN 0 is used so that the packets coming into and out of the Edge bridge node are not tagged.
  9. (Optional) Select a teaming policy.
  10. Click Add.