You must deploy a new NSX Manager appliance to run the migration coordinator. Do not deploy an NSX Global Manager.

In other words, you cannot merge your NSX-V environment into an existing NSX environment, which has NSX already installed on the vSphere host clusters.

For details on deploying a licensed version of the NSX Manager appliance, see Install NSX Manager and Available Appliances in the NSX Installation Guide.

Install one appliance to perform the migration. Deploy additional appliances to form a cluster after the migration is finished. See Finish Deploying the NSX Manager Cluster.

If you install the NSX Manager appliance on an ESXi host that is a part of the NSX-V environment that is migrating, do not attach the appliance interfaces to an NSX-V logical switch. To prevent the management VMs in NSX from losing connectivity after the VMs are rebooted post migration, tag the management VMs. For more information, see Tag Management VMs in a Collapsed Cluster Environment.