VMware vRealize Network Insight Cloud is a VMware Cloud Service that offers the same capabilities as VMware vRealize Network Insight (on-prem version). It provides visibility into the networking and security flows of your on-premises and cloud applications as well as into monitoring your NSX-based SDDC.

VMware vRealize Network Insight Cloud enables you to accelerate application security and networking across private, public and hybrid clouds.
  • Plan Application Security and Migration (SDDC, VMC and AWS)
    • Accelerate micro-segmentation deployment
    • Troubleshoot security for SDDC, native AWS, and hybrid applications
    • Minimize business risk during application migration
  • Optimize and Troubleshoot Virtual and Physical Networks
    • Reduce mean time to resolution for application-connectivity issues
    • Optimize application performance by eliminating network bottlenecks
    • Audit network and security changes over time.
  • Manage and scale NSX
    • Scale across multiple NSX managers
    • Boost uptime by proactively detecting misconfiguration errors
    • Ensure compliance for NSX

Visit the VMware vRealize Network Insight product page to learn more about the on-premises version of the product. For videos, see VMware vRealize Network Insight Videos.

For a hands-on introduction, go to vRealize Network Insight Cloud hands-on lab (HOL).

For the documentation for other cloud services, visit VMware Cloud Services.

September 2019

The new brand name for VMware Network Insight (SaaS) is VMware vRealize Network Insight Cloud. In the current release, you will continue to find legacy references to previous name on the product.