You can deploy Network Insight data collector by using a vSphere Web Client.


Generate a Shared Secret.


  1. Right-click on the vCenter Server on which you want to install the appliance, and select Deploy OVF Template.
  2. Browse and choose the source location of the appliance OVA.
  3. Verify the OVF template details.
  4. Read and accept the EULA.
  5. Select the destination folder in which to create the virtual machine, and enter the required information to create the virtual machine.

    For the virtual disk format, enter Thin Provision.

  6. Enter the required information to customize the template.
    • Enter the Shared Secret that you have generated.

    • Deselect the Log Push Enable option.

    • Select the Health Telemetry Enable option, to improve the product by sending anonymous data about product performance.

    After the Network Insight collector OVA is deployed and running, you must verify whether the given static IP is set on the vCenter Server. The vCenter data source form displays a drop-down list with the new appliance selected.

  7. Review the details, select the Power on after deployment check box, and click Finish.