Data sources provide the ability to gather data from several types of data sources.

About this task

  • VMware Manager includes VMware vCenter Server and VMware NSX Manager

  • Public Cloud includes Amazon Web Services (AWS)

  • Firewall includes Palo Alto Networks Panorama

  • Converged Infrastructure includes Cisco UCS Manager and HP Virtual Connect Manager

  • Routers and Switches from Cisco, Arista, Brocade, Juniper, Dell.

    • Cisco Catalyst (3000, 4500 and 6500), Cisco Nexus (5K, 7K and 9K), Cisco VSM (N1K)

    • Arista Switch SSH

    • Brocade VDX (6740 and 6940)

    • Juniper Switch SSH

    • Dell PowerConnect SSH (8024), Dell Force 10MXL10, Dell S4048, Z9100, S6000


  • Ensure you have the required data source credentials and other account details.

  • Ensure that you have deployed a data collector. Ignore this for adding an AWS account.


  1. Log in to the Network Insight service at
  2. On the left navigation abr, select Settings > Settings.
  3. Select the Account/Data Sources option and click Add Source.
  4. Select the data source type that you want to add.
  5. Based on the type you select, enter the required details.

    Ignore this step for an AWS account. For information about how to add an AWS account, see #GUID-9A3F2C24-70CF-42CF-8C9D-99A7D28EF4F3



    Collector (Proxy) VM

    Select the IP address of the data collector that you have deployed for the data collection process.

    Primary VMware vCenter

    Select a VMware vCenter Server from the list.


    This option is available only for adding a VMware NSX Manager. You can ignore this for other data source types.

    IP Address / FQDN

    Enter the IP address or the FQDN of the data source.

    User Name

    Enter the username you want to use for a particular data source


    Enter the password for the data source.

  6. Click Validate.

    If the validation is successful, you can proceed for additional configurations.

  7. Select the advanced Network Insight configurations.

    To collect additional data, you can configure advanced settings based on your data source selection. You do not see all these options for all data source types. You can select the option, based on the availability.

    • Enable NetFlow on this vCenter

    • Enable NSX Controller

    • Use SNMP

    • Enable Automatic NSX Edge Population

    • Use NSX central CLI instead of SSH: This option allows Network Insight to collect data for NSX Edge directly from VMware NSX Manager using the NSX Central CLI. To use this option, you have the VMware NSX Manager credentials with the system administrator privileges.

  8. Enter a nick name and a small description for the data source.
  9. Click Submit.


You have added a data source successfully. You can see the nickname of the data source that you added on the Settings > Accounts/Data Sources Page.