The VMware Pulse IoT Center Administration system notification is used to set any important notifications. This notification is displayed in the VMware Pulse IoT Center console.


You must have a valid URL and credentials to the VMware Pulse IoT Center Administration.


  1. On the System Notification page, click CREATE.
    Create Notification page is displayed.
  2. On the Details page, enter the title of the notification in the Title text box.
  3. Enter the content of the notification in Content text box and click NEXT.
  4. On the Schedule page, enter the Start Time and End Time of the notification and click NEXT.
  5. On the Review page, verify the details that you have entered and click FINISH.


You have created a system notification successfully.


What to do next

To verify the system notification, log in to the VMware Pulse IoT Center. If there is any system notification scheduled for that day, a notification banner is displayed.