You can select up to 1000 devices of the same template and send a command from the VMware Pulse IoT Center console.


  1. From the VMware Pulse IoT Center UI, go to Inventory > Devices.
    The Inventory - Devices page lists the registered, enrolled, and unenrolled gateway and Thing devices.
  2. Select the devices for which you want to send a command.
  3. From the ... drop-down menu, select and click SEND COMMAND.
  4. In the Send Command window, select a command to send from the Select Command drop-down menu and enter its arguments.
  5. Click SEND COMMAND to send the command to selected devices.
    The status of the command is displayed under Command History. Click the refresh button to refresh the status.
    Note: You can verify the status of the device command update on multiple devices using the Tasks tab. For more information, see #GUID-9286F47B-ABEE-417A-AF41-88887929F553.