This section lists the steps to create a campaign from the VMware Pulse IoT Center UI.


Ensure that you have created an IoTC Package to associate the campaign with. For information about creating an IoTC Package, see Working with Update Packages.


  1. From the VMware Pulse IoT Center UI, go to Updates > Campaigns.
    The Campaigns page is displayed.
  2. Click CREATE.
    The Create Campaign wizard is displayed.
  3. In the Details step:
    1. Enter a name and an optional description for your campaign.
    2. Optionally, select Launch after creation if you want to start the campaign immediately. This option is not available if Campaign Approval is enabled.
    3. Click Next.
  4. In the Distribution Select Query step, select the distribution query for the campaign. Distribution queries are search filter definitions, whose results are the devices on which the campaign will run. You can create distribution queries from the Advanced Search option. For more information, see Using Advanced Search. Alternatively, you can create a distribution query by selecting + Create New from the Distribution Select Query drop-down menu.
    1. In the Device Template drop-down menu, select the type of device template to filter.
    2. In the Key drop-down menu, select metric that you want to filter the devices by.
    3. In the Operator drop-down menu, select from Contains, Equal to, and Not equal to operators.
    4. In the Value text box, enter the metric values.
    5. Enter a name for the distribution list and click SAVE AS. This saves the query as a new Advanced Search query. You can select this query the next time you want to create a campaign that requires similar devices to be included.
    6. Click NEXT.
  5. In the Select Package step, select the update package that you want to associate your campaign with and click Next.
    Note: You can edit packages and distribution lists for the campaigns that are created, but you cannot edit them for those campaigns that are in the Approved or Started state. To edit these packages and distribution lists, you must delete the campaign first.
  6. In the Review step, review your campaign information and click CREATE.


You have successfully created a campaign.
Note: After you start a campaign, the distribution list is evaluated and the resulting devices are added to the campaign. It takes 30 minutes for the newly enrolled devices that match the distribution list's criteria to be added to the campaign. You cannot edit the filter definition list after the campaign starts.

Example: Campaign State Transition Scheme

The following diagram illustrates the different states of a campaign.
Note: For a headless campaign execution, approvals for downloading, executing, and activating packages are not required.