This section lists the steps to create a notification definition from the VMware Pulse IoT Center UI.


You must have the CREATE_NOTIFICATION_DEFINITION permission to perform this operation.


  1. From the VMware Pulse IoT Center UI, go to Alerts and Notifications > Notification Definitions.
    The Notifications - Definitions page is displayed.
  2. Click CREATE.
    The Create Definition wizard is displayed.
  3. In the Details step, enter the following details:
    • Name: Notification definition name.
    • Description: Enter a brief description about the notification definition.

    Click Next.

  4. In the Settings step, enter the following information:
    • Type: Select whether the notification type is Rest Notification or Email Notification.
      If you select Email Notification, enter the following information:
      • Recipient Email Address: Enter the email address of the recipient.
      • To add more recipients, click + Add Recipient.
      • To add the sender name, sender email address, email subject, and to add a customized email template, click Advanced Settings.
      If you select Rest Notification, enter the following information:
      • Notification Destination: Select the notification destination to associate the notification definition with. To add a notification destination, click the Add a Destination link.
        Note: The Add a Destination link redirects to the Notification Destination page and all changes made in the Create Definition wizard is lost.
      • To add a header and a body template, click Advanced Settings .
        • Header Name: Enter the header name.
        • Header Value: Enter the header value.
        • To add more headers, click + Add New Header.
        • Body Template: Use the default REST template to create custom REST notifications. You can insert new text boxes using the Insert field drop-down menu.

    Click Next.

  5. In the Review step, review the information and click SAVE.


You have successfully created a notification definition.