When you edit the values of an alert definition such as Template, Symptom, or Trigger Count, the system cancels all active and acknowledged alerts triggered by the old alert definition. When you change the alert severity, the existing alerts retain the old severity and the new alerts use the new severity. Changing the informational values of the alert definition such as name, description, or recommendation does not affect existing alerts.


You must have the EDIT_ALERT_DEFINITION permission to perform this operation.


  1. From the VMware Pulse IoT Center UI, go to Alerts and Notifications > Alert Definitions.
    The Alerts - Alert Definitions page is displayed.
  2. Click the alert definition to edit, and under the Actions drop-down menu, clickEdit.
    The Edit Alert Definition wizard is displayed.
  3. Edit the alert definition details and click SAVE.


You have successfully edited an alert definition.
Note: If you change the condition of your alert definition, all active alerts from the previous condition are automatically canceled.