To onboard your Windows gateway, perform the steps listed in this section.

In this example, we enroll the gateway using the Token-Based Authentication method.


Ensure that you have registered your Windows gateway template on VMware Pulse IoT Center.


  1. Download the Liota package from VMware Pulse IoT Center.
  2. Go to the downloaded folder and navigate to liota > examples > pulsev2.
  3. Copy all the files in the pulsev2 folder.
  4. Navigate to Program Files > VMware > liota > data > packages and paste the copied files in the packages folder. Replace packages if needed.
  5. From the VMware Pulse IoT Center console, select your registered Windows gateway device template and click Actions > Create Gateway Credentials and copy the credentials.
  6. From the command prompt of your Windows gateway, run the following command:
    c:\Program Files\VMware\liota\data\packages>pythond liotad\ enroll token <credentials>


You have successfully enrolled your Windows gateway on VMware Pulse IoT Center.