To enroll a Thing Device to your Windows gateway, perform the following steps:

In this example, we enroll a temperature sensor device.


You must have created a Thing device template.


  1. From the Windows command prompt, run c:\Program Files\VMware\liota\data\packages>pythod liotad\ enroll-device <DeviceTemplateName> <DeviceName>. For example:
    c:\Program Files\VMware\liota\data\packages>pythod liotad\ enroll-device LightBulb LightBulb001
  2. Alternatively, you can enroll a Thing device using the file:
    1. Navigate to the Packages folder and open the device package in a text editor.
    2. Replace the deviceName with your device name.
      deviceName = "TemperatureSensor001"
    3. Replace TemperatureSensorTemplate with your device template name.
      d = PulseConnectedDevice(device_name, "TemperatureSensor", self.iotcc_edge_system.reg_entity_id)
    4. Save and close the file.
    5. From the command prompt, run c:\Program Files\VMware\liota\data\packages>python <device_package_name>
      c:\Program Files\VMware\liota\data\packages>python temperature_sensor


The Thing device is enrolled and connected to your Liota Windows gateway.