This section lists the steps to onboard your gateway using the token-based authentication method.


  • You must have the CREATE DEVICE permission to perform this operation.
  • You must have created a device template with Token Based as the Provider Type, and it must be available on the VMware Pulse IoT Center console.
  • You must have installed the IoTC Agent on your gateway.
  • You must know the name that you want to assign to your gateway in the VMware Pulse IoT Center console.


  1. From the VMware Pulse IoT Center UI, go to Inventory > Devices.
    The Devices - All Devices page is displayed.
  2. Click REGISTER.
    The Register Gateway wizard is displayed.
  3. Enter your gateway name and select the device template that has Token-Based Authentication enabled to associate with your gateway.
  4. Click REGISTER.
    Your gateway is registered and is listed in the Devices - All Devices page.
  5. Create a credential to enroll your gateway. From the Devices -All Devices page, click the gateway that you registered.
  6. Click the Actions drop-down menu and select Create Gateway Credentials. Click CREATE.
  7. Copy the token to the clipboard.
    The token expiry time that you set when creating the template is displayed.
  8. Log in to your gateway and change the directory to /opt/vmware/iotc-agent/bin.
  9. Run the following command:
    ./iotc-agent-cli enroll --auth-type=REGISTERED --token=<authenticationtoken>


For a successful enrollment, the response must be O.