This section lists the CLI for managing BIOS attributes. Use the BIOS Management CLI to update the BIOS parameters locally.

      $BiosMgrCli  [options]
  -h, --help                  Display this usage message
  -e, --enumeration     List all Bios Attribute Name and Value
  -s, --set                     Set Particular Bios Attribute
  -f, --find                   Find Particular Bios Attribute using attribute name
  -a, --attribute            Attribute Name you want to set
  -v, --value                Value for the attribute
  -j, --json                   Json file for change multiple attributes
  -o, --output               Result store as Json file
  -p, --password          Bios password need in set attribute 

Show All BIOS Attributes

To enumerate all BIOS attributes:
$BiosMgrCli –e
  "Attributes": {
    "AC Power Recovery Mode": "1",
    "Admin Setup Lockout": "1",
    "Allow BIOS Downgrade": "2",
    "Auto On": "1",
    "Auto On Hour": "1",
    "Auto On Minute": "1",
To enumerate all BIOS attributes and save in a JSON file:
$BiosMgrCli –e –o <Json file name>
BiosMgrCli –e –o enumeration.json

Set BIOS Attributes

To change a single BIOS attribute:
$BiosMgrCli –s –a <attribute name> -v <attribute value> -p <bios Password>
$BiosMgrCli –s –a “Num Lock” -v “1” -p “adminv”
  "ReturnValue": 0,
  "SetResult": 0,
  "AttributeName": "Num Lock",
  "AttributeValue": "1"
To change multiple attributes you require a JSON file as input:
$BiosMgrcli –s –j <json file name>
$BiosMgrCli –s –j Attribute.json 
The JSON file format must be:
  "Num Lock":"1",
To change the attribute and save as JSON:
$BiosMgrCli –s –a <attribute name> -v <attribute value> -p <Bios Password> -o <json file name>
$BiosMgrcli –s –j <input json file name> -o <output json file name>
$BiosMgrCli –s –a “Num Lock” -v “1” -p “Pass”-o “out.json”
$ BiosMgrcli –s –j input.json-o output.json

Find BIOS Attributes

To find a specific BIOS attribute:
$BiosMgrCli –f –a <attribute name>
$BiosMgrCli –f –a “Num Lock”
  "AttributeName": "Num Lock",
  "CurrentValue": "1",
  "PossibleValues": [
  "possibleValuesDescription": [

To find an attribute and store as JSON:
$BiosMgrCli –f –a <attribute name> -o <Json file name>
$BiosMgrCli –f –a “Num Lock” -o output.json

Error Messages

The following table lists the SetResult error messages for these operations:
Description Error Code (SetResult value)
Success 0
Invalid Attribute Name 1
Invalid Attribute Value 4294967295
Read Only or Out of Range Value 1
Authentication Error 2