IotcEnrollmentData represents the enrollment data.

Enrollment data contains the type of enrollment and the required data for the enrollment.
#include <iotcAgent.h>
Data Fields
  • IotcEnrollmentType type
  • IotcDeviceId parentId
  • union {
    IotcDeviceId deviceId
    IotcDeviceDetails deviceDetails
Field Description
Field Description
IotcDeviceId IotcEnrollmentData::parentId

parentId is the device ID of the gateway device that the device connects to. For the root gateway device, the parent ID must be empty.

IotcDeviceId IotcEnrollmentData::deviceId

deviceId must be set for the IOTC_PRE_REGISTERED type.

IotcDeviceDetails IotcEnrollmentData::deviceDetails

deviceDetails must be set for the IOTC_NOT_REGISTERED type.