Command structure to hold details about a command message received from the server.

#include <iotcAgent.h>
Data Fields
  • char IotcCommand::name[IOTC_NAME_MAX_SIZE]
  • char IotcCommand::id[IOTC_UUID_SIZE]
  • IotcDeviceId IotcCommand::deviceId
  • char IotcCommand::execPath[IOTC_PATH_MAX]
  • size_t IotcCommand::numArgs
  • IotcCommandArg * args
Field Description
Field Description
char IotcCommand::name[IOTC_NAME_MAX_SIZE]

Friendly name of the command.

char IotcCommand::id[IOTC_UUID_SIZE]

Command identifier generated by the server.

IotcDeviceId IotcCommand::deviceId

Device identifier for the targeted device. This is an optional field.

char IotcCommand::execPath[IOTC_PATH_MAX] Absolute path to the executable. This is an optional field.
size_t IotcCommand::numArgs Number of command arguments.
IotcCommandArg * args List of arguments for the command.