The sizing guideline for VMware Pulse IoT Center 2.0.0 has been arrived at after performing the following tests.

  1. Ran multiple small experiments for specific feature sets that were provided by customers as feedback. These tests are called workload models and are referred throughout this document.
  2. Set up a large-scale test environment with 15000 enrolled virtual devices including gateways and things. Performed regular user operations and monitored the performance over an extended time.
The following workload model table lists the number of devices enrolled, the number of metrics or devices ingested, the number of alert definitions, the number of campaigns, and the number of commands run.
Gateways Things Metric Point Sampling Frequency Ingestion Interval Alert Definitions Alerts per Day Notifications Campaigns Commands
2500 12500 10 3 1 Hour 20 750 1500 1 100 file uploads per day.
30 data points per device per interval 32 alerts per hour. 10 MB package. 2 MB file size.
The following features were covered in the tests that were simulated at scale:
  • VMware Pulse IoTC Agents ingesting metrics to the VMware Pulse IoT Center Server.
  • Monitoring alerts generated in the system.
  • Monitoring notifications generated in the system.
  • Running campaigns using real agents.
  • Running commands to fetch logs from devices.