The following key terminologies are used throughout this guide.

Gateway versus Thing

Apart from the gateways that send the data to the VMware Pulse IoT Center server, there are sensors that read the data from the physical world and send them to the gateways from time to time. These sensors are called Things. The VMware Pulse IoTC Agent software residing at the gateway device aggregates the data and sends it to the VMware Pulse IoT Center server.

What Are Metrics

Metrics are the data sent by the gateway devices to the VMware Pulse IoT Center server. They are the parameters that are under observation at a given time. The values are ingested in the database and are displayed in a graphical representation in the VMware Pulse IoT Center console.

What Is a Metrics Ingest Interval

Metrics Ingest Interval is the interval at which the gateway devices send metrics to the server. The default interval value is 5 minutes. However, the recommendation for Metrics Ingest Interval can vary depending on the scale of devices added to the system and the number of metrics sent to the server.

What Is a Sampling Frequency

There are several sensors connected to a gateway. These sensors send data to the gateway every minute or every 2 minutes. This interval is known as Sampling Frequency. However, the aggregation of this data is done by the gateway and sent at every Metrics Ingestion Interval set at the VMware Pulse IoT Center server.