In a multi-node setup of the VMware Pulse IoT Center, alert definition operations such as create, update, and delete fails.


User is not able to perform the following operations on an alert work flow:
  • Alert definition creation
  • Alert definition update
  • Alert definition deletion
An error message is displayed in the UI.


If one or more nodes are not fully functional, the Alert definition operations fail.


Alerts for existing Alert definitions are still triggered in this case.


Ensure that all the nodes are up and running before creating Alert definitions. To verify if the nodes are up and functioning, perform the following steps:

  1. Navigate to VMware Pulse IoT Center Administration > Services and ensure that all the services are up and running.
  2. In Services, restart the services that are down in Node 1, Node 2, and Node 3.
    Note: If this solution does not work, call VMware Support.