The Tasks tab provides a view of all the tasks run by the VMware Pulse IoT Center. It lists the tasks with the overall progress, user name, organization, and time of creation of the task.

The Tasks tab displays basic information and entities of the device commands you send from the VMware Pulse IoT Center.


You must have View Tasks permissions to perform this operation.


  1. To verify the basic information of a task, go to VMware Pulse IoT Center > Tasks.
    List of all the tasks is displayed.
  2. From the Search menu item, search and click the task name.
    Basic information of the task such as Task Name, Task Id, Progress (Completed/Skipped/Pending/Failed), and name of the command run is displayed at the device level.
  3. To view the progress of the command on each device, select Entities.
    The list of devices on which the command is run is displayed. The status of the command such as completed, skipped, pending or failed is displayed against each device.
  4. Click the Device name.

    The Inventory - Device page is displayed.

  5. To verify the progress of the command, click .. drop-down menu and select Commands.
    Command history with the status is displayed.