You can create customized widgets to be displayed on your dashboard.


You must have the Create Dashboard Widget permission to perform this operation.


  1. From the VMware Pulse IoT Center dashboard page, click the MANAGE button.
  2. Select CREATE > Create Widget.
    The Create Widget wizard is displayed.
  3. In the Details step, enter the following information:
    • Name - Type the name of your widget.
    • To share your widget with others in your organization, select Share with the organization. To allow others to modify your dashboard, select Allow others to modify.
    • Select Entity - Select the entity for which you want to create a widget. The entities are:
      • Devices - Creates a device widget.
      • Alerts - Creates an alerts widget.
      • Device Template - Creates a device template widget.
      • Campaigns - Creates a campaigns widget.

    In this example, we create a Devices widget.

  4. Select Devices and click NEXT.
  5. In the Query Group and Chart step, you can build a query to narrow down the sample set of devices. In Filter step:
    1. Select devices of a particular Device Type, Enrollment State, Device Template, and Properties to be displayed.
      You can search the properties by name and value.
    2. To group the devices according to their Device Type or Enrollment State, select Group data.
    3. Under Data Visualization, select a visualization type for your widget.
    The count of all devices that meet the query parameters is in your widget.
  6. Click NEXT.
  7. In the Review step, review the information that you have entered, and click SAVE.


You have successfully created a widget.

What to do next

Add the widget to your dashboard.