The VMware Pulse IoT Center Sizing Guide captures the sizing guidelines for VMware Pulse IoT Center for the number of devices managed and the use of components such as device management, metrics ingestion, alert generation, notifications, device updates, and command execution.

This guide also provides some best practices and server-side tuning parameters to fine-tune the environment for a specific data set and feature usage on a large scale.

VMware has tested VMware Pulse IoT Center with 15000 devices (2500 Gateways + 12500 Things). The details are listed in the following table.

The VMware Pulse IoT Center offers an excellent control plane solution to manage, monitor, update, and troubleshoot an enterprise IoT infrastructure and drive its operational efficiency. It supports a varied range of gateways and sensors.

Figure 1. VMware Pulse IoT Center 2.0.0 Schematic Diagram