Welcome to the VMware Pulse IoT Center documentation.

For information about setting up your organization, on-boarding your gateway devices, working with the VMware Pulse IoTC Agent, running over-the-air update campaigns, working with alerts and notifications, and for other information related to working with the VMware Pulse IoT Center console, see the VMware Pulse IoT Center User Guide.

For information about the VMware Pulse IoT Center APIs, see the VMware Pulse IoT Center API Reference Guide.

You can access these guides from the left side of this page. All our documentation also comes in PDF format, which you can access by selecting the PDF download icon while reading a page or viewing a search result.

About VMware Pulse IoT Center

VMware Pulse IoT Center provides an IoT device management capability solution that drives the operational and cost efficiency in deploying and managing IoT infrastructure. It on-boards, configures, manages, monitors, and secures the unmanned IoT devices and objects in scale. The solution enables you to pre-register bulk devices, manage alerts and notifications, troubleshoot, configure devices, view audit logs, and perform compliance management operations through over the air updates.

Additional Resources

To use VMware Pulse IoT Center in a hands-on training environment, go to VMware HOL Online and enroll in HOL-2089-01-EMT - VMware Pulse IoT Center.