What is VMware RabbitMQ OCI

Welcome to VMware RabbitMQ OCI documentation. The VMware RabbitMQ OCI offering is VMware's standalone OCI image. This container image includes the popular Open Source RabbitMQ (but without the operators) messaging and streaming solution, the Erlang runtime, and other dependencies as well as commercial plugins.

It is important to note that this VMware RabbitMQ solution should really only be used if you don't have a Kubernetes environment available or you are using non-Kubernetes container orchestration. VMware's first choice solution is the Kubernetes operator for RabbitMQ, which offers complete management of RabbitMQ clusters. Go to VMware RabbitMQ for Kubernetes and VMware RabbitMQ for Kubernetes Documentation for more information.

While the VMware RabbitMQ OCI offering in many ways is a less convenient approach, it is possible to use this standalone OCI image in situations that require it such as if you want to run a standalone VMware RabbitMQ or a small RabbitMQ cluster using multiple containers. It allows for a quick and lightweight deployment.

VMware RabbitMQ OCI Features

VMware's RabbitMQ OCI offering has many great features, some of which include:

  • Ready-to-run Container Image (OCI)
  • Dependencies Curated and Integrated by RabbitMQ Engineers
  • Safe by Default
  • Warm Standby Replication
  • Extended Support Lifecycle
  • Intra-cluster Compression
  • 24x7 Support Backed by RabbitMQ Engineers

How to use VMware RabbitMQ OCI Documentation

The VMware RabbitMQ OCI documentation in HTML reflects the latest update release of each VMware RabbitMQ OCI version. For example, version 1.5 contains updates for all 1.5.x releases. Note, updates for maintenance releases (denoted by "x" in 1.5.x) are not highlighted specifically in the 1.5 documentation, these updates are added throughout the documentation. Use the navigation on the left to browse through this documentation. The 1.5 HTML documentation also comes in PDF format, which you can access by selecting the Download PDF icon on any page in the HTML documentation. This icon is also located on the navigation on the left. Note, the previous release of VMware RabbitMQ OCI documentation (1.4) is available in PDF format only, which is available from the navigation on the left.

For detailed information about what is included in a specific version of VMware RabbitMQ OCI, down to the maintenance release level, the VMware RabbitMQ OCI Release Notes is the recommend place to go first. The release notes include detailed information about the latest released features, functions, and packages included in the VMware RabbitMQ OCI version that you are running.

Find out more or Get a License?

To find out more or to get a license for VMware RabbitMQ products, fill out the VMware RabbitMQ support contact form and we will get back to you with a tailored quote.

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