You can use VMware Remote Console to restart, suspend, power on, and power off your virtual machines.

If VMware Tools is installed on your virtual machine, VMware Remote Console provides soft shutdown options by default. VMware Remote Console sends a hard shutdown if VMware Tools is not installed or if the virtual machine is unresponsive.

Note: A hard shutdown while the virtual machine is still processing might cause data loss. Use a soft shutdown whenever possible.


  1. Access the target virtual machine in VMware Remote Console.
  2. Open the power menu in VMware Remote Console.
    • On Windows, select VMRC > Power.
    • On macOS, select Virtual Machine.
    • On Linux, select Virtual Machine > Power.
  3. Select the desired power option.
    • If the virtual machine is powered off or suspended, select Power On.
    • To power off a virtual machine, select Shut Down Guest (Windows), Shut Down (macOS), or Power Off Guest (Linux).
    • To restart a virtual machine, select Restart Guest (Windows), Restart (macOS), or Reset Guest (Linux).
    • To suspend a virtual machine, select Suspend.
    Note: On macOS, you can force a hard shutdown by holding Alt while performing this step. This feature is not available on Windows or Linux.