If your local machine intercepts the Ctrl+Alt+Del key sequence, you can use VMware Remote Console to send that input to the virtual machine directly.

On macOS, you can also send other key input if necessary.


  1. Access the target virtual machine in VMware Remote Console.
  2. Send the desired key input to the virtual machine.
    • On Windows, select VMRC > Send Ctrl+Alt+Del.
    • On Linux, select Virtual Machine > Send Ctrl+Alt+Del.
    • On macOS, select Virtual Machine > Send Ctrl+Alt+Del to send the Ctrl+Alt+Del sequence or Virtual Machine > Send Key to send other key input.

      The following keys can be sent to the virtual machine:

      • Help (Insert)
      • Home
      • End
      • Forward Delete
      • Caps Lock
      • Clear (Num Lock)
      • Scroll Lock
      • Print Screen
      • Pause
      • Break
      • Menu
      • F8 through F16